The sanctuary candles this week will burn for * Dolores Java & Family * E. Pembroke and * Judy Balonek * Corfu

Saturday      January 21st – Corfu

5:00PM        Ursella Brett ~ Friends

Sunday        January 22nd

8:30AM       Corfu – Gail Seidel ~ Zalewski Family

11:00AM     EP –Ruth Gear ~ Cindy Gloss

Monday       January 23rd – Corfu 

8:00AM       Communion Service

Tuesday      January 24th E. Pembroke

8:00AM       Dolores Java ~ Lance & Michele Minkel        Birthday Blessings for Mildred Mruczek ~ Doc & Donna Mruczek (1/23/23)

Wednesday  January 25th  – Corfu

7:00PM        Richard Compton ~ Anne Moquin

                    (No Confession or Adoration following Mass)

7:30PM        Adoration

Thursday     January 26th – E. Pembroke

8:00AM       Catherine Weibel ~ Frank & Shirley Gross

Friday         January 27th – Corfu

8:00AM       No Mass

Saturday      January 28th – Corfu

5:00PM        Richard Compton ~ Compton Family

                    Edward Sobolewski ~ Jerry and Tina Lewandowski (12/25/22)

Sunday        January 29th

8:30AM       Corfu – Shirley Remnerine ~ Rita Hermanson

11:00AM     EP –Ruth Gear ~ Paul Oberlander

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? It could be the loss of a spouse, loss of a child, loss of a marriage, etc., we will talk about any kind of loss you are experiencing. Sharing loss and grief with someone who understands the pain of your loss can help us begin to understand and heal.

While our Grief Support Group isn’t meeting as a group right now, Peggy urges you to call her if you would like to meet one-on-one or if you need to just talk, even over the phone. Peggy can be reached at (585) 536-6287.


Blessings, everyone! I have not written here in some time, but would like to do so more often in the future, especially as we connect as a family of families. As many of you now know, Fr Patryk is on administrative leave while the diocese investigates a complaint of inappropriate comments communicated to a minor. I hope you will keep all victims of abuse in prayer, as well as Fr Patryk and our parish family.

I had expected the family of parishes model would require us to make some changes to our mass schedule, but had planned to wait until the process had finished for us, likely sometime in June. Given our new situation, I am taking the step of canceling St John’s 9:30AM Sunday Mass and St. Max’s 8AM Friday Mass in Corfu.

The 9:30AM Mass will continue through January as we already have coverage, and the last Friday Mass in Corfu will be on January 20th. For those at other masses, if you see “new” faces, please make them feel welcome! This is a chance for us to see a different side of our family.


Please note that in light of recent events and scheduling difficulties, Fr. Dan has decided to discontinue the Friday Mass at 8:00am in Corfu beginning on January 27th. For this weekday Mass, you are encouraged to attend one of our neighboring parishes. Friday Mass at St. John the Baptist in Alden and at Ss. Joachim and Anne in Attica are at 8:30am. Any Mass intentions previously scheduled for Fridays will be rescheduled. Please contact the parish office or watch the bulletin for the new dates. The Mass on Friday, January 13th has also been cancelled and the intention will be rescheduled.

This does not affect the First Friday Mass.  First Friday Mass at 10:00am in East Pembroke will continue to be celebrated.

St. John the Baptist in Alden will be discontinuing their 9:30am Sunday Mass beginning in February.

Please watch the bulletin for scheduling changes while we work through the next few months. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The sanctuary candles this week will burn for * Bernard Ronan * E. Pembroke and * Judy Balonek * Corfu

Saturday    January 7th – Corfu

5:00PM       Michael Ford ~ Barb Ford

Sunday       January 8th

8:30AM      Corfu – George Karam ~ Cindy Gloss

11:00AM    EP –Dave Simmons ~ Peggy and Paul Mansfield ~ Paulette Brown (12/22/22)

Monday     January 9th – Corfu 

8:00AM      Richard Abramski ~ Jennifer and Camille Topolski  

Tuesday     January 10th E. Pembroke

8:00AM      Michael Gleisern ~ Ken and Joan Brauner

Wednesday   January 11th – Corfu

7:00PM       Richard Compton ~ John and Patty

7:30PM       Adoration

Thursday   January 12th – E. Pembroke

8:00AM      Lorraine Susan Anderson ~ Ken and Joan Brauner

Friday        January 13th – Corfu

8:00AM      No Mass

Saturday    January 14th – Corfu

5:00PM       Chester and Leonard Grabski ~ John and Rose Kadziolka and Ray Johnson ~ Jackie Johnson (12/24/22)

Sunday       January 15th

8:30AM      Corfu – Catherine Weibel ~ Pat & Cathy Feldman

11:00AM    EP –Fred Wells ~ John and Patty and Paul Mansfield ~ Paulette Brown (12/15/22)

Ss Joachim and Anne Parish Men’s Group is studying Devine Mercy with Fr Michael Gaitley.  Their next meeting is January 10th at 7 pm in the Attica Church basement. The meeting entails watching a DVD, discussion time and light refreshments and is usually done by 8:15.  All those confirmed and older are welcome to join. 

~ God Bless  Jim Kelly men’s group leader

Father Dan will be having an Altar Server training class on Wednesday, January 18th at 5:30PM for NEW Altar Servers. If you have an interest in joining this very important ministry and have made your First Communion, please plan on attending. Even if you aren’t sure if this is for you, come and check it out. An Altar Server is an “assistant” to the priest and Father Dan welcomes everyone to give this a try.  After training, Father Dan invites you to stay and serve 7PM Mass if you would like. A great way to practice what you just learned! Existing Altar Servers are welcome to come and refresh their skills, especially if it’s been a while since you served.  You can also help Fr. Dan teach our new Servers!

Contact the Parish Office if you have any questions – (585) 599-4833 or

Your prayers for our sick parishioners and friends are deeply appreciated and are very important. You will find a listing near the back of the church of the people that need our prayers.

PLEASE PRAY FOR the ongoing purification of our diocese and the worldwide Church, 122 million fallen away Catholics, those contemplating abortion, those contemplating suicide, the souls in Purgatory, those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addictions and their families, all those who are passed through our prayer chain and all those who are sick, including: Jean Hojnowski, Shirley & Tony Mortellaro, Marty Galczynski, Julia Gervasi, Brandon Walker, Al and Noreen Platten, Suzanne Zbrzezny, Bill and Dianna Loveric, Jo Clair Surman, Joe Wolf, Millie Mruczek, Alicia Mangola, Joanne Winkelman, Dorothy, Karen Ryan, Mary Kay Borkowski, Julie D’Amico, Dan Kensy and Family, Gail M., Agnes and Don Nelson, David Fino, Mike Misterantino, Tony Kutter, Jim Java, Pappert Family, Daniel Bogden, David Bogden, Rose Kadziolka, Isabella Oberlander, Kathy Urban, Rose K., Benjamin Foster, Robby Bruce, Gina Nowak, Robert Kicak, Steven Deleo, Alice Humble, Alyssa Burkhardt, Stephen Barrow, Kathy T., Diane and Robert Brohman, Lonnie Domb, Dave Powell, Letty, Joe Biniaszewski, Amanda Marlinski, Paul Stachura, Peter, Amanda Drozdiel, Mary Ann Schnaufer, Liz Fenton and Dick Kutter.

Please contact the parish office if you would like someone added to the list and let us know when your loved one may be removed from this list. Names will appear for three months, after that time please notify us if their condition continues.


January 1 – Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

May 18 – Solemnity of the Ascension

August 15 – Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

November 1 – Solemnity of All Saints

December 8 – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

December 25 – Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

365 Days of Inspiration

The saints’ wisdom shows us how to live boldly for God in every circumstance. Become friends with some of the greatest men and women who have ever lived.

Please take a free copy of this book as you leave Mass as our Christmas gift to you.

The sanctuary candles this week will burn for * Bernard Ronan * E. Pembroke and * Judy Balonek * Corfu

Christmas Eve

Saturday    December 24th

4:00PM       EP Hall – Ray Johnson ~ Jackie Johnson

Midnight     Corfu – Edward Sobolewski ~ Jerry & Tina Lewandowski

Merry Christmas

Sunday       December 25th

8:30AM      Corfu – Judy Balonek ~ Dave Balonek

11:00AM    EP –Rev. James Fugle ~ Daryl and Joyce Kohorst

Monday      December 26th – Corfu 

8:00AM      Fr. Dan will say Mass privately for the Parishioners of St. Maximilian Kolbe  

Tuesday      December 27th E. Pembroke

8:00AM      Marie Sztaba ~ John & Patty

Wednesday December 28th – Corfu

7:00PM       Fred Landers, III ~ Tim & Hiedi Librock

7:30PM       Adoration

Thursday    December 29th – E. Pembroke

8:00AM      St. Maximilian Kolbe Parishioners

Friday         December 30th – Corfu

8:00AM      Phyllis Riley ~ Kathy Warren

Saturday    December 31st – Corfu

5:00PM       Phyllis Riley ~ Cindy Gloss

Sunday       January 1st

8:30AM      Corfu – Special Intentions ~ Ulander Family

11:00AM        EP –Kay Weibel ~ Lance & Michele Minkel & Family