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The Blessing of the Baskets will be held on Holy Saturday, April 20th, at 1PM at the East Pembroke Site.


Monday – April 15th                                                 8:00am – Corfu – Mass

Tuesday – April 16th                                                8:00am – E. Pembroke – Mass

                                                                               7:00pm – Chrism Mass, St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Wednesday – April 17th                                         7:00pm – Corfu – Mass

Holy Thursday – April 18th                                 9:00am – E. Pembroke – Morning Prayer

                              7:00pm – Corfu – Mass, followed by Veneration until 10:00 p.m. in Church

Good Friday – April 19th                                       9:00am – Corfu – Morning Prayer

                                                                               3:00pm – Corfu Good Friday Service

                                                                               8:00 pm – Corfu – Tenebrae Service

Holy Saturday – April 20th                                  9:00am – Corfu – Morning Prayer

                                                                               1:00pm – E. Pembroke – Food Basket Blessing

                                                                               8:00pmE. Pembroke Church – Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday – April 21st                                   8:30am – Corfu Church – Mass

                                                                               11:00am – E. Pembroke Church – Mass

Second Amendment and Article 35 Lecture

~ with Criminal Litigator and Chair Attorney Steven M. Cohen, Sponsored by Retired Police Officer and Private Investigator, Joe Iannello

We are pleased to have Attorney Steven M. Cohen of the Hogan Willig Law Firm present a lecture on the Second Amendment and the Law of Self-Defense in New York State on Tuesday, April 30th at 7PM at our East Pembroke Hall. Mr. Cohen has been a legal commentator for five television networks, The New York Times, Buffalo News, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and dozens of other papers.  He has appeared on such programs as Good Morning America, Dr. Phil and the Discovery Channel to discuss his cases and provide legal analysis.  Mr. Cohen, Litigation Chair of Hogan Willig and a lawyer who over the past 30 years has tried over 100 jury trials, will discuss the circumstances where the use of deadly physical force is and is not lawful, and the legal consequences and ramifications of taking a human life, even when legally justified.  Bring your questions! Contact the Parish Office or Joe Iannello to RSVP to this free event. All are welcome!

Today’s Gospel is about mercy and doubt. Normally, we think of doubt as the opposite of belief. We talk about “Doubting Thomas.” And it seems like there is no room for doubt at all: the woman is caught in the very act of adultery. The law is clear. The Pharisees have an unbreakable chain of evidence, “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Yet in each of our hearts, there is a little bit of doubt. Not about others, but about ourselves. Call it vanity, perhaps. But we know that we sin, and we rely on the forgiveness of others. Perhaps we’re never sure if they even know. And we wonder what others would think if they knew about our sins.

Stoning someone has a kind of arrogance to it, and this is the point of weakness Jesus leans on. It says “I am better than you.” Any Pharisee that flings a stone now is going to be embarrassed, because everyone probably has some idea of what he has done wrong, and they’re going to laugh at him. Perhaps some of the men gathered had also committed adultery, but people were afraid to stone them. The elders, being the wisest, figure this out first and leave. Oddly, a common experience of sin unites everyone; but it also makes it impossible for us to condemn each other. The violence ends with a standoff.

Who then can judge us? Someone without sin, naturally. Jesus. This is our experience when we come to church. We know our neighbor has sinned. We certainly know we have sinned. And we doubt: “should I be here? Should I receive communion? Would God really love me after what I did?” And so for us too Jesus straightens up, and looks at us with love. And although he easily and fairly could, he does not condemn us. Instead, he sets us free.

What a burden lifted! NOW we can say we are without sin, because of this experience of mercy and love. And, if you wanted to be technical, you could go back to judging. But how could we after that experience of mercy. After that challenge not to sin again. Instead, I think we follow the Lord’s own example. We try to extend that same mercy and forgiveness to those who owe us debts. We hope that others can share that same feeling for freedom and forgiveness that we find here.

Peace ~ Fr. Dan

On Good Friday, April 19th, at 8PM, in Corfu, we will hold an evening event called Tenebrae: A service of darkness. This very powerful combination of readings and music focuses on the last hours of our Savior’s life. The word, “Tenebrae” means “darkness” and while the service is profoundly reflective, you will not find it somber. It is our hope that you will find it one of the most meaningful and deeply touching ways to remember Jesus’ great gift to us. Please be aware that during the course of the night, the church lights will be dimmed, and at the close, the congregation will be asked to leave in silence and partial darkness. Please join us for this meaningful service.

Presale tickets for our annual Chicken BBQ on May 5th are now available. All registered parishioners should have received two BBQ tickets to purchase or sell. Presale chicken dinners are $9 ($10 day of the BBQ). To purchase the presale tickets, please put the stub and payment in an envelope and drop it in the collection basket or mail it to the parish office. More tickets are available upon request.

Tickets are only considered presale if they are paid for prior to the BBQ. The BBQ begins at Noon and all dinners must be picked up before 1:30pm. This event always sells out, purchasing a presale ticket is the only way to guarantee a dinner.

We are also in need of helpers and bakers! If you are available on the day of the BBQ to help in the dining room or kitchen or if you are able to make a dessert, please sign up on the sheets at the back of church or contact Kathy Warren or Joan Miner. We need over 700 homemade desserts so please consider baking something to help out! All desserts must be dropped off at the Hall by 11AM on May 5thThank you.

If you would like to donate a plant or flower in honor of a loved one to place in our Easter Memory Gardens which will decorate our church sites during the Easter Season, please bring them to the Holy Thursday or Good Friday service in East Pembroke or during office hours or Holy Saturday in Corfu between 9 and 11AM. Leave the plant in the sacristy and indicate on the sheet who it is in memory of and who it is donated by.

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