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The world in Jesus’ day was hierarchical.  Everything was top down, and the weak served the strong. The king was served by nobles, and the nobles were served by those below them. Religion was organized the same way. The family was organized the same way, built around a patriarch.

Jesus does not (in this passage) tear down this system, but he begins to make some changes. The first is an image of service. Imagine how amazing it would feel after a hard day’s work serving others to be served yourself. Even more amazing to be served by your boss, and still more by Jesus himself the head of this new family, the head of the church and the king. The image would be weird in those days, but fascinating.

However, this kind of gratitude on Jesus’ part relies on servants who have done a good job. That’s the normal part, the expected part. It is the reward that is beyond reason.

Peter then asks “Lord, is this parable meant for us or for everyone?” You could take this to mean, “does Jesus serve everyone?” But the parable that Jesus tells next is about “middle managers,” if you will. A steward who does have a position over others, but it is a position given in trust by someone who is even more powerful. The suggestion is that if we want Jesus who is in charge to of take care of us, then we must take good care of those we are in charge of.

So, what happens to leaders who fail those they serve? What happens to leaders that “eat and drink and get drunk” and do as they please, while inflicting pain and suffering on those they were responsible for? The translation we have today says the master will “punish that servant severely” but my commentary suggests the more literal translation is that they are split in two. Even on a literal level we aren’t talking about physically killing anyone, as the very next line says they are assigned a place with the unfaithful. But I think the idea of separation or splitting is an important one. We cannot take leadership in the kingdom for granted. The rewards Jesus has promised are far beyond what we deserve if we do a good job, but it is still very possible to mess up, to lose not just an eternal reward but a position of trust down here as well. There is no faster way I can think of to displease God in the Bible than to hurt “the little ones” who are so close to his heart.

Peace ~ Fr. Dan

If you or a couple you know is celebrating their 50th, 60th or 70th Wedding Anniversary during the year 2019, a special Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Richard Malone on Sunday, September 22nd at 10:30AM at St. Joseph Cathedral, 50 Franklin Street, Buffalo. On this day the entire Diocese of Buffalo will join those celebrating their anniversaries in their joy and gratitude to God who has set them among us as a sign of His constant and faithful love. Following the Mass, there will be an opportunity for pictures in the Lady Chapel. As part of the Annual Diocesan Recognition, all couples whether or not they can attend the Anniversary Mass, will receive an Anniversary Scroll signed by Bishop Malone. Please contact the parish office if you wish to attend or if you cannot attend, but wish to receive this scroll.

From August 14th, his feast day, through the 17th in four different locations comes a one-man play about the life of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Premiered at the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver, the play continues to be performed to this day. It was signed by Francis Gajowniczek – the very man for whom Fr. Maximilian offered his life in Auschwitz!

Saint Maximilian Kolbe has a powerful, yet cautionary, message for all of us – not to take the freedoms we cherish for granted, but rather to defend them with our lives.”

*If you are interested in seeing the play as a group on Friday, August 16th at 7PM at St. Gregory the Great Church, please contact the parish office. If we have enough interest, we may be able to rent a bus for transportation.

Other performances are offered on Wed., Aug. 14th, 7pm, Canisius College’s Marie Maday Theater / Thurs. Aug. 15th, 7pm, St. Francis High School’s Ormsby Theater Alumni Hall / Sat., Aug. 17th, 7pm, Niagara University’s Leary Theater. All Performances are free, but there will be a free will offering. 

Part of belonging to a faith community means more than attending church once a week! Building on our faith , we hope to share our lives and the spirit of Christ’s joy with each other, to help make us stronger in faith and always closer to what Jesus “calls us” to. For that reason, we have monthly fun functions that are geared to the whole family, or to single people! Come out, share in some fun, meet the rest of your fellow parishioners, or just come and check us out! You’ll be glad you did.


Tues. after 8AM Mass, Legion of Mary, Spouse of Joseph & Monday, 3:30PM Legion of Mary, Mystical Rose

Adoration, most Wednesdays, 7:40pm to 8:30pm, Corfu

Thurs. after 8AM Mass, Litany to the Holy Face of Jesus

Every Wed, 9:30-11:15AM, Women’s Bible Study, Cottage

First Wed. Catholic Women’s Discussion Group, 9:30AM, EP Cottage

August 19-23 – Vacation Bible School, 9AM-Noon, EP

Thursday, August 22nd – WIGL Prayer Shawl Gathering, 7PM, Cottage and Tuesday, August 27th, 8:45AM, Cottage

Sunday, September 8th – Spiritual Adoption Baby Shower

Monday, September 9th – Building & Grounds, 7PM, EP

Monday, September 9th – Social Club, 7:30PM, EP

September 22nd – Diocese of Buffalo Anniversary Mass, 10:30AM, St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Thursday, October 3rd – Holocaust Lecture, 6:30PM, TBD

Saturday, October 5th – Animal Blessing, 1PM, Corfu

Sunday, October 6th – First Day of Faith Formation Classes, 9:45AM, EP

Tuesday, October 8th – Red Cross Blood Drive, EP Hall

Sunday, October 20th – Harvest Dinner, Noon, EP Hall

Have a special anniversary or event coming up? Invite your friends and family to celebrate a special Mass with you ~ Fr. Dan will come to your neighborhood/backyard/home. Contact the Parish Office to schedule a date with Fr. Dan.

We have many events planned for the coming year, so plan on joining us in our faith community for fun and laughter. ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to attend our events. Check out news on our website closer to the date listed for more details, or call our office with any questions you may have.

Please sign up for the Red Cross Blood Drive on Tuesday, October 8th, 2-7pm, at the East Pembroke Hall.

Registration for Vacation Bible School is open! Join us August 19 – 23rd as we journey to Bethlehem! Make crafts, sing songs, play games and learn about the birth of Jesus!

(Interested in helping? Let us know! We welcome volunteers of all faith and walks of life!)

St. Maximilian Kolbe Grief Support Group will meeting again on Wednesday, August 28th at 6PM at the Parish Center in East Pembroke. This is an informal get-together to share the loss of a spouse, loss of a child, loss of a parent, loss of a marriage, etc., basically we will talk about any kind of loss you are experiencing. Sharing loss and grief will help us begin to understand and heal. You are welcome to come to share or just to listen. Please feel free to call Peggy Mead at (585) 502-5416 any time if a one-on-one is needed or if you want to “just talk”.

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