The sanctuary candles this week will burn for * Judy Balonek * E. Pembroke and * Jim and Helen Davis * Corfu

Saturday    November 19th – Corfu 

5:00PM       Mike Herec ~ Mary Herec

Sunday       November 20th

8:30AM      Corfu – Mark Skinner ~ Doris Matteson and Barb Beal

11:00AM    EP –Mark Trickey ~ John and Patty

Monday     November 21st – Corfu 

8:00AM      Frank and Geraldine Bartkovich ~ Family 

Tuesday     November 22nd E. Pembroke

8:00AM      Nancy Gardner ~ Cindy Gloss

Wednesday  November 23rd – Corfu

7:00PM       Alberta and Edward Brightenfield ~ Family

7:30PM       Adoration

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday   November 24th – E. Pembroke

9:00AM      Shirley Remnerine ~ Rita Hermanson

Friday        November 25th – Corfu

8:00AM      No Mass  ~ Fr. Dan will say Mass privately for the Parishioners of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Saturday    November 26th – Corfu 

5:00PM       Kara Cummings ~ Mom and Dad

Sunday       November 27th

8:30AM      Corfu – Richard Trickey ~ John and Patty

11:00AM    EP –Elizabeth Oberlander ~ Paul Oberlander