Road to Renewal Updates – Activation Stage

The purpose of the Activation Stage is to allow the parishes of the Family to work on the six Pillars that make up being Church. These Pillars are Liturgy, Spiritual Life, Forming Disciples, OutReach/InReach, Stewardship and Administration. Pillar Groups are formed to identify how the Family will organize and perform the work within these Pillars.

Your thoughts and skills are important to the successful launch of our Family – please consider joining one of these Pillar Groups by contacting the parish office.

We are still looking for volunteers to join the Stewardship and Spiritual Life Pillars.

Stewardship: Volunteers, fundraising, parish hospitality.

Spiritual Life: Sacramental preparation, RCIA, retreats.

St. Maximilian Kolbe is in Phase 1 so our start date for the Activation Stage is November 1, 2022 with our Inauguration Stage date being May 1, 2023.