Welcome Back!

Classes resume today and we look forward to seeing you all in class. God Bless all the children and families of our parish with a healthy and faith-filled school year!


O God, Our Heavenly Father, you have given us the gift of catechists to be heralds of your Gospel to our parish family. May they be good stewards of all who pass through their care, nurturing the faith of those they teach, and helping them to grow in love and understanding of you and your church. We ask that you strengthen them for their labors and that you bless them with wisdom, understanding and patience. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

Thank you to our St. Max Faith Formation Catechists:  Sister Barbara Ann Bogden, Joey Neth, Marlene Gehl, Narvada Compton, Amanda Dix, Mary Herec, Kathy Koestler, Liz Brown, Jessica Bukowski, Tim Kutter, Emily Kolpak, Joan Barton, Theresa Tesch and Verna Cromwell.