From the Diocese of Buffalo: As many of you know, we have resumed “normal” worship in relation to COVID, and every parish is realizing renewed opportunities at their own pace. Many of our parishioners look forward to one last—yet important—facet of parish life that has yet to be reintroduced, namely the Precious Blood. It is suggested that the Precious Blood be reintroduced on Holy Thursday at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Easter Sunday.

Available data suggest that the risk of acquiring infection from a shared communion cup is very low.  Wiping a silver chalice with a linen cloth reduces the bacterial count on the cup between each person by 90%. Viral infections are more likely to be spread via respiratory droplets from sitting next to someone than by sharing a communion dish.

We are happy to announce that St. Maximilian Kolbe will be reinstating the opportunity for you to receive the Precious Blood at every Mass. Fr. Dan would like to remind you that the Catechism explains that the fullness of Christ is present in each of the sacramental species. In other words, those who receive the host alone really do receive the total Christ; the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ and “all the fruit of Eucharistic grace” (ccc 1390). In recent years, however, it has become commonplace to have Holy Communion under both the Sacred Host and the Precious Blood. If you are not comfortable receiving the Precious Blood in addition to the Host at this time, you do not need to do so.  It has always been and will remain your choice to receive the Host, the Precious Blood or both.