Your prayers for our sick parishioners and friends are deeply appreciated and are very important. You will find a listing near the back of the church of the people that need our prayers.

PLEASE PRAY FOR the ongoing purification of our diocese and the worldwide Church, 122 million fallen away Catholics, those contemplating abortion, those contemplating suicide, the souls in Purgatory, those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addictions and their families, all those who are passed through our prayer chain and all those who are sick, including: All those affected by the Corona Virus, Jean Hojnowski, Shirley & Tony Mortellaro, Marty Galczynski, Julia Gervasi, Brandon Walker, Al and Noreen Platten, Suzanne Zbrzezny, Bill and Dianna Loveric, Jo Clair Surman, Joe Wolf, Millie Mruczek, Ruth Gear, Bob and Alicia Mangola, Joanne Winkelman, Edith Silvernail, Bill Paige, Dorothy, Karen Ryan, Mary Kay Borkowski, Heather, Julie D’Amico, Emily Wachowski, Dan Kensy and Family, Gail M., Agnes and Don Nelson, Carol Hofmeier, David Fino, Mike Misterantino, Donna Guenther, Matt Yoeder, Tony Kutter, Jim and Dolores Java, Dottie Neal, Pappert Family, Diane Deleo, Gary Marsick, Joyce Salvo, Daniel Bogden, David Bogden, Kevin Fox, Jack Houseknecht, Chase Johnson, Rose Kadziolka, Rich Farmer, Brady James, Diana Piegzyk, Isabella Oberlander, Kathy Urban, David Smith, Rose K., Benjamin Foster, Kelly Pascucci, Doug and Sylvia Kohorst, Robby Bruce, Gina Nowak, Kathy Kluytman and Angelo Jekov.

Please contact the parish office if you would like someone added to the list and let us know when your loved one may be removed from this list. Names will appear for three months, after that time please notify us if their condition continues.