The sanctuary candles this week will burn for * Hilda Dylag * E. Pembroke and * Judy Balonek * Corfu

Friday         December 24th – Christmas Eve

4:00PM       EP – Sandra Heist ~ Paul and Kevin Heist

Midnight     Corfu –Bertram Baker ~ Ryan, Yantis and Baker Families

Saturday     December 25th – Christmas Day

8:30AM       Corfu – Judy Balonek ~ Dave Balonek

11:00AM     EP –Nancy Gardner ~ Ken and Joan Brauner

Sunday        December 26th  

8:30AM       Corfu – Fern Wells ~ John and Patty

11:00AM     EP –Deceased Members of the Kohorst Family ~ Annie and Bill Lawrence

Monday       December 27th – Corfu  

8:00AM        No Mass

Tuesday       December 28th E. Pembroke

8:00AM        No Mass

Wednesday  December 29th – Corfu

7:00PM        Helen Mansfield ~ Paulette Brown

7:30PM         Adoration

Thursday     December 30th – E. Pembroke

8:00AM        Deceased Mothers and Fathers of St. Maximilian Kolbe Parishioners

Friday         December 31st – Corfu

8:00AM        Robert Bogden ~ Sue, Cindy & Kathy

Saturday     January 1st – Corfu

5:00PM       JoAnne Ritter ~ Ken and Mary Ann Schnaufer

Sunday        January 2nd

8:30AM       Corfu – Stephen Kotlowski ~ Ken and Joan Brauner

11:00AM     EP –Deceased Members of the Zielinski and Szczepanski Families ~ Family