In today’s gospel, Jesus sends out the disciples for ministry. Not all ministry looks like this, but there’s some good lessons to be learned.

He does not send them out alone. Most priests fail at this. There’s a movement now to make sure that priests can share a rectory, prayer together, support each other. There’s a lot of wisdom in that.

As they head out, they “take nothing for the journey” a line that famously inspired St Francis of Assisi. They don’t rely on their possessions, but instead on the hospitality of others (and likely God’s blessings and the effectiveness of their preaching and miracles). They couldn’t simply hole up in an inn and live off what they had, they had to make contact with lots of people! And these people needed help. They had sick, they had demons. And they needed to change something in their own lives. That’s not an easy message to deliver, but Jesus puts the disciples in a position where they must sink or swim. And ultimately, it works! Sometimes in reaching out to help or heal, we are too timid, too worried about failure. Sometimes we must simply make a bold fresh start, and trust God to keep us where his grace has led us.

Peace, Fr. Dan