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Prayer to Renew Our Mission

Holy God of love and mercy, living in our hearts, sanctify and transform us.

Unite and form our minds, hearts and spirits in accord with your holy will.

As Jesus calls us friends, may we encounter and accompany one another as family, searching out and embracing especially any of your loved ones whom we have overlooked, wounded or driven away.

Forgive us, heal us, renew us!

As we trust in you, who have chosen us and called us each by name, may we entrust ourselves to one another as family. As a communion of disciples of Jesus Christ, we accept our mission to proclaim the joy of the Gospel to everyone we meet.

May your love for each and every one of us dispel the seeds of doubt, fear and division sown by the Evil One, raising us up as strong and courageous witnesses to your holy presence among us.

We thank you for creating and calling us. We embrace the mission you entrust to us. And we pledge, with your grace, to let your light shine on the world that hungers and thirsts for your Word.