Happy 10th Anniversary of Ordination

Rev. Daniel J. Serbicki

June 4, 2021

We are so very grateful for you in our lives and for all that you do for us!

May the Lord’s holy presence
fill your heart with joy,
and may His grace & peace
be with you.

May our loving Lord continue to bless you abundantly all the days of your life!

To celebrate and thank Fr. Dan, we are having an ice cream social!

Join us on Thursday, June 3rd from 6-8pm in the parking lot of the Corfu Church. There will be an ice cream truck (Ice Cream and Chill) serving sundaes and other ice cream treats. A great way to congratulate Fr. Dan and to enjoy fellowship our St. Max parish family (finally!).

(There will be no charge for this event.  It is sponsored by our Social Club)