While you are at Mass or watching on TV from your home, you may notice something that Fr. Dan does or something that is in the church that you always see, but don’t really know what it is for or what it means. Now is your chance to get answers to your questions! Father Dan will be doing a Question and Answer YouTube video at the end of the month and he wants your questions! Ask him the easy stuff and the hard stuff! What have you always wondered about our Catholic Faith or did you hear something in his homily you would like to know more about? What is the reason for …. ? Send him an email, stmaxkolbe09@gmail.com, drop your question in the collection box, call the office or send him a FaceBook message. He will gather your questions and work on getting you the answers.  Don’t pass up this opportunity! Ask him anything!

Look for the answers to your questions on Fr. Dan’s YouTube Channel now!