Envelopes will be mailed out by the company the week of December 14th.

New Procedures – Please Read!

This year you will notice a change in your Sunday offering envelopes. We have made the switch to Our Sunday Visitor as the provider of our envelopes. After comparing Our Sunday Visitor and the company we have used for many years we thought that the change would be pleasing to everyone. OSV may sound familiar to many of you as a publisher of Catholic books and pamphlets.

Your parishioner number will remain the same from month to month. The only thing that will change is that envelope packets will be mailed directly to your home quarterly, that’s right directly to you. You can’t ask for better than that. No more remembering to pick them up once a year.

This program offers us a better means of address corrections, new parishioner start-up, and keeping our contact information up to date. Preparing your envelope should be done prayerfully, sharing our gifts with God who has first been generous to us.

We also want to let you know that because we want to be “good stewards” and not wasteful with our resources, we will not send envelopes to those who have not used them over the past few years. Some parishioners prefer to place cash in the collection and some are simply unable to contribute. There are also those who are in assisted living or nursing homes. To continue to pay for the envelopes and postage when they are not being used is not a good use of our parish funds. Of course those who do not receive envelopes are still part of our Parish family. But by using an envelope it helps the office to connect with active parishioners. This information is good in attesting to the fact that a member is a practicing Catholic when asked to be sponsors or godparents.

If you have any questions or don’t receive your envelopes and would like them, please contact Sue at the parish office 585-599-4833.