Today’s Gospel is the parable of the talents. Literally, of course, it is about money, you’ve likely heard by now that “talents” mean so much more than that. It’s about how we use all of what God has given us. However, we don’t always use our talents to help God directly, and I think the first reading points the way here.

In the first reading, we hear a lot about a worthy wife. I can’t speak much to that (never had a wife, certainly never BEEN a wife). The writer likely has though, and begins with a simple list of what other men might hope for. He’s finding some common ground with his audience: broadly, she brings good, not evil. She’s a hard worker, nice. Then he has two points that might surprise his audience: she helps the poor. Not just a hard worker then, but generous. And a reminder that appearances matter less than who we are inside. This isn’t just for women, remember how King David was chosen.

In fact, I think the entire reading is a good description of how we should use our talents. We work hard at our daily tasks. We bring good to those we love. We are generous or kind when facing the needs of the poor. And like God we try to see beyond appearances to focus on what matters: who everyone is inside.

Peace, Fr. Dan