Last Saturday our Confirmandi had their Confirmation Retreat.  Normally the retreat is held at Fatima Shrine but because of the unique year we are having, it was decided to hold the retreat locally and it was held at St. Maximilian Kolbe Corfu Site.  As part of the retreat, the students were given a scavenger hunt. We thought it would be fun to share some of the questions with you and see how well you do! All the answers can be found inside the Church.

  1. In the stained glass window of Mary, how many roses can be seen on her Immaculate Heart?
  2. In the stained glass window of Jesus, how many fingers is He pointing to His Sacred Heart?
  3. Who is the artist of the two church paintings/drawings?
  4. Where is the window that was a gift from Rev. C. O’Byre?
  5. Which Station is in memory of Mary Conway?
  6. Which family dedicated something used in baptisms? BONUS: What is it called?
  7. What prayer is posted below the Act of Contrition?
  8. What color is St. Maximilian Kolbe’s habit?
  9. What outer color does the Infant of Prague have on? BONUS: Why is the Infant in that color? ______
  10. Translate the following from Latin into English: “Jesus tombe la premiere fois”
  11. Where was the statue of St. Joseph made?
  12. What is St. Patrick stepping on?
  13. What is inside the crown in one of the windows?
  14. Write down the symbols that are above and below the cross on the Paschal Candle.
  15. What is on the circular window?
  16. When facing the sanctuary, which side is the sanctuary lamp on?
  17. How many jars of oil are displayed?

The students were also asked to submit a “calendar worthy” photo. Congratulations to Eric Von Kramer on your winning entry.  The original color picture will be posted on our FaceBook page.