As usual, our Buildings and Grounds committee has been hard at work this summer. They have been keeping our churches and buildings in good repair and looking awesome. Two more rooms in the rectory have been given a fresh coat of paint and are looking great thanks to Dave and Fr. Dan . Thank you to Melanie Anderson for doing the landscaping at our Corfu site and for giving Fr. Dan’s side yard a much needed makeover. Hopefully we’ll get some grass to grow back there again now. If you are in the area, Fr. Dan would love to give you a quick tour so you can see the progress he has made. Thanks to the Jensen family, the landscaping at the East Pembroke site has been worked on and a very large branch that was brought down during one of the thunderstorms was removed. The furnace in the Hall that has been leaking will also be replaced next month. Cameras were installed in our Corfu Church, which have enabled Fr. Dan to live stream his daily and weekend Mass to his YouTube page so those that are unable to return to church yet can still worship with us and be part kept close to our Parish Family.

The garage in Corfu is still in need of new siding but with the cancellation of several of our fundraisers and the current status of the virus, we have had to postpone that work. We hope to keep that on the schedule for next spring.

We would like to thank the Social Club for making the above repairs and improvements possible. Everything has been paid for through their fundraising efforts and from funds received from Upon This Rock. We are also pleased to announce that we received another disbursement of our parish share of Upon This Rock funds in the amount of $4,470.01. The total amount we have received to date (7/31/17–present) is $44,861.82. Thank you to all that have contributed. The funds received will continue to be used to help with the cost of the upcoming projects at both of our church sites.