Father Dan is working on a plan and as soon as we know more, we will let you know but here is some information on what we will need to do to prepare for reopening and making it save for our parishioners.

We welcome the news from the Governor that churches may begin welcoming back in small numbers those who seek the spiritual nourishment that our parishes provide. We have been working to prepare the guidance that our pastors need to ensure that they do everything possible to mitigate the risks of the ongoing threat of the coronavirus, especially for those most vulnerable. Those extensive guidelines are currently being distributed to pastors and parish administrators. Our many parishes across Western New York will need time to implement the necessary precautions and ensure that there is a consistent approach for safeguarding the health and safety of all who will now once again gather for liturgies and participation in the Church’s sacraments.edit: Please go to http://ow.ly/6EqU50zMF2e to review the #ForwardinFaith guidance that has been distributed to parish pastors and administrators detailing the preparations and precautions they must follow in preparing to resume liturgical services and the celebration of sacraments as the COVID-19 threat continues.