The sanctuary candles this week will burn for * Deceased Members of the June and Gervasi Families *

Saturday    May 16th

5:00PM      Mother’s Day Novena

Sunday      May 17th

8:30AM     Mother’s Day Novena

11:00AM    Mother’s Day Novena

Monday     May 18th

12:00PM    Mother’s Day Novena

Tuesday     May 19th

12:00PM    Jane Grodem ~ Daryl and Joyce Kohorst

Wednesday May 20th  

12:00PM    Joan Oles ~ Family

Thursday   May 21st ~ The Ascension of the Lord

12:00PM    Ben Ianni ~ Linda Ianni

Friday        May 22nd

12:00PM    Sandra Heist ~ Paul and Kevin Heist

Saturday    May 23rd

5:00PM      Sandra Heist ~ Doug and Sylvia Kohorst

Sunday      May 24th

8:30AM     Richard Davis ~ John and Patty

11:00AM    Sandy Oberlander ~ Paul Oberlander