May is the traditional time to honor Mary. At one time, lovely processions, special songs, prayers, May crownings and dandelion-bedecked altars were a big part of the month. While these are no longer common, why not choose May as a time to help your family understand our loving Mother? There is so much to learn. Begin with the rich tradition of a May crowning if you have a statue that is large enough to wear a tiny crown. Have ready a crown (children can easily make on with small silk flowers on wire stems), the statue and a vase of flowers. Add some blue fabric spangled with stars. Then talk quietly about who Mary is – the Mother of Jesus, the person who brings Jesus to us. Explain that Mary loves all of us as her children. Together arrange the statue, flower and fabric to create a May altar. Say a Hail Mary and crown your Mary. If you have no statue, you can still set up a May altar with a holy card or a picture of Mary. While your altar remains in sight for the month, embark on a search for Mary in history and in the world today.