The Corfu United Presbyterian Church food pantry is open if you need any help. You are urged to please call the church at 585-599-6414 for more information. With Christ we will get through this.

In this time of great need, the shelves are sparse but they are dedicated to providing for the families in need in our community. If you can make a monetary donation to help out, you can do it electronically at

Personal note from Sue – I had the honor of helping out at the food pantry today. This is a wonderful and much needed service in our community. I’m afraid that it will be even more needed as time goes on and we deal with COVID-19 and it’s lasting effects. If you can help to support the pantry now, please do so. St. Max has always been a great supporter of the pantry and without weekly masses, that much needed support isn’t coming in. Thank you for everything you can do to help our small community. We are all neighbors, friends and family and with God and each other, we will emerge from this stronger than ever.