Winter in Western New York is relatively unpredictable. Even the weatherman has a hard time predicting what we will get! Although many of our Christian brothers and sisters of other ecclesial communions often cancel their Sunday services, this almost never happens in the Catholic church, especially on the weekends. The Mass will go on, even if it’s just the Priest and the angels and saints. Yet, as our bishop said last week, we always urge our parishioners to use caution and not put themselves or anyone else in danger traveling to or from Mass. If you are unable to attend, Catholics are instructed to spiritually unite in prayer with those who are able to attend Mass. In these situations, let us be reminded of the opportunities to participate in Mass from home on television or the internet. We may get dispensed from the obligation to go to Mass at the Church, but we are not dispensed from the obligation to keep the Lord’s day holy.