Pope Francis has directed the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to publish new instructions reaffirming teaching that the Catholic Church is not opposed to cremation, while continuing to recommend that cremated remains of the deceased be buried in Catholic cemeteries or other sacred spaces, such as a church or an area set aside for burial. The Church does not allow for the cremated remains to be placed in a residence, nor are they to be scattered in the air, on land or at sea, or preserved in mementos, such as jewelry or other objects. Church teaching also prohibits cremated remains from being divided among family members. Cremation was permitted by the Catholic Church in 1963 and incorporated into Canon Law in 1983. Catholics need to understand the Church teaching that surrounds cremation and burial of cremated remains, so there are no misunderstandings at the time of death. Call Catholic Cemeteries at (716) 873-6500 or visit for more information regarding cremation burial.