Meat Raffle

So a lot of people are asking … What is a Meat Raffle?! Hope this quick explanation helps. 

After paying your admission ($7), selecting a seat at a table and partaking in a beverage of choice (beer/wine/pop) and your free slice of pizza, the meat raffle begins with exchanging your large bills for $1 bills. This exchange makes the job of the ticket sellers easier. The meat raffle is divided into “rounds” (10-12 rounds). At the beginning of each round, the emcee will announce the number of spins of the wheel for that particular round. This maybe one spin per round or maybe up to three spins per round. The more spins per round the better your chances are of winning a piece of meat with the same ticket. Ticket sellers walk around the room at the beginning of each round selling tickets. Each ticket typically cost $1 and usually have two or more numbers. This means that if the wheel lands on either of your numbers for that round you win the meat for that spin. Each spin produces multiple winners because the same numbers are sold to multiple people each round. If you still have questions, give Sue a call the office or see Fr. Dan and we’ll try to explain it further.  Good luck!