I’m writing this message from a family reunion in the Adirondack Mountains, so I’ll be brief!  Today’s gospel offers us a promise of something that can feel hard to find: rest.  Trying to follow all of the laws of the Old Testament could be a constant source of anxiety.  It was impossible to tell if you were a “good” person by biblical standards, because at any given time there might be one of the 613 laws you had forgotten or neglected.  This even feeds unhealthy obsessive compulsions and scrupulosities.
The rest Jesus promises is a little different from the rest that can be found by a mountain lake.  It is a rest that comes from reducing the complexity of the law to a love of God, and to loving our neighbor as ourselves.  As long as we do this, there is no need for anxiety when it comes to our salvation.
That said, the view from here is pretty spectacular.  Wish you could all see it, and I look forward to seeing you again!
Fr Dan