Your prayers for our sick parishioners and friends are deeply appreciated and are very important.  Please contact the Parish Office to let us know if you would like to add a loved one, if they should be taken off the list or if you know of someone that is homebound that would like to receive the sacraments or a copy of our weekly bulletin.

PLEASE PRAY FOR 122 million fallen away Catholics, those contemplating abortion, those contemplating suicide, the souls in Purgatory, drug addicts and their families, all those who are passed through our prayer chain and all those who are sick, including: Vincent Lesh, Ken Waite, Marge Kolpack, Dorothy Zglinicki, Jean Hojnowski, Mary Mest, Skip Merritt, Irene (Oberlander) Penepent, Tony Swiatowy, Diana Janczko, Shirley & Tony Mortellaro, Irene Cummings, Teddy Lesh, Marty Galczynski, Frank and Geri Bartokvich, Fritz Tchorznicki, Marcella Knaudt, Julia Gervasi, Brandon Walker, Doug Chappius, Cornelia Gazda, Bill Kegler, Pat Weber, Bonnie Cleveland, Myrtle Gilbert, Florence Baseke, Jean Paige, Al and Noreen Platten, Stephen Mulleavy, Jason Dressel, Suzanne Zbrzezny, Jim Knight, Helen Skicki, John Cichocki, Gia Grasso, Nick Grasso, baby Clara, Mary Cullen, Korri Ann Spadone, Addison Cummings, Fr. Joe Badding, George Fix, Bill Loveric, Sandy Oberlander, Jo Clair Surman, Tony Lorenzo, David Rossotto, Mikayla Stratton, Bill Paige, Ed Proszek, Marie Washburn, Joseph Wolf, Cindy Miano, Kevin Wojcinski, Shirley Barvian, Tony Kutter, Cathy Tchorznicki, Michael Seitter, Barb Ford, Father Jim Fugle, Jen Harloch, B. Ann, Dorothy, Peg Meyer, Millie Mruczek, Nancy Banas, Michelle Larivey, Andrew Masse, Amanda Mascia, Lisa Witt, Cameron Fugle, Jim R., Tom R., Dolores Ostrow, Salvatore Iannello, Aaron, Kathy P., Donna, Adrienne Zuppa, Mark O’Loughlin, Joann Winkelman, Lorna Eckam-Johnson, Marquitte Hicks, Sandy Heist, Margaret Rose Verner, Kathy Mann, Pauline McMunn, Don Bausch and Mayte Sanchez.


Please also pray for our military personnel, that they may be kept safe and healthy.

Please keep us updated as to any changes in status or location of your loved one so we can update our prayer boards.