Dear St. Max Parish Family, with the beginning of the Advent Season upon us, once again we are faced with change: change in our weather climate, change with shorter hours of daylight, change in liturgical colors, and so forth. Our parish will experience additional changes beginning in January, 2017, with a new Mass schedule on Saturdays. Beginning the weekend of January 7th and 8th, we will have three weekend Masses: one Saturday Mass at 5pm in Corfu and the 2 Sunday Masses–8:30 am in Corfu and 11:00 am in East Pembroke–will remain the same. Confessions will be offered on Saturdays in Corfu from 4:15-4:45PM, before the 5PM Mass.

There are a number of reasons for this needed change. Primarily, it is very difficult to find retired priests able to preside at back to back Masses with little time in between each Mass when your pastor is unable to preside. Of the 5 retired priests we are blessed to call on who live relatively close by and are able to drive here, three are 80+ years old and one is turning 90 years old next year. These priests drive anywhere throughout the diocese in Western New York to help parishes out with Masses, and often have to tell us “No” because they cannot help with two Masses in a row.

In addition, attendance on Saturdays no longer justifies or requires needing to have two Masses. It is often difficult finding someone willing to lead us with music, or finding enough extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, lectors, or Altar servers to assist at one Mass or the other. Combining our ministry resources will further help bring us to grow together as a parish family. As a reminder, all are welcome to attend and participate at Mass and to serve a ministry at either or both worship sites. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this upcoming transition.

Father Jim